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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 24, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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stop and frisk policies are causing controversy... again. in a memo fox 45 obtained... baltimore city police commissioner anthony batts orders the words stop and frisk stripped from policies... but not the practice. the aclu
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questioned the department's use of the controversial tactic. crime and justice reporter joy lepola questioned a police department spokeman about it, monday afternoon. (joy and lt) 7:07:49 and in it it questions everything and asked for documents that specifically mention stop and frisk and i think some people might be wondering what the connection is between the two.i don't want to speculate on what connection there may or may not be between a request received and a policy that came out. information has still not been released about stop and frisk to the aclu. another democratic hopeful for governor is kicking off his bus tour today. attorney general doug gansler is launching a 17- stop tour in his campaign. starting this morning in rockville the tour will go through ellicott city before ending the first day in baltimore. gansler is challenging lt governor anthony brown and heather mizeur for the nomination. yesterday... all three democratic candidates for maryland governor came out swinging... trying to convince a crowd they are
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the right person for the job. the three spoke in front of the maryland state and washington d-c building and construction trades council. they focused on what they've accomplished for the state so far... and talked about what they want to do in the future. on the other side of the ticket... republican candidates include harford county executive david craig... state delegate ron george... former chairman of the charles county republican central committee, charles loller... and businessman, brian vaeth. lieutenant governor anthony brown picks up another endorsement. representative john sarbanes is backing brown for governor. he's the fourth of maryland's eight representatives to announce his support for brown. sarbanes' district includes parts of anne arundel, baltimore,
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howard and montgomery counties... and baltimore city. business social networking site, "linkedin" is facing a class action suit. four users have filed it. the suit accuses the company of breaking into accounts, gathering emails and sending spam. they say in an effort to get new users, "linkedin" sends emails to existing members' contacts, using their name and likeness without their consent. linkedin denies it had ever broken into or hacked user accounts. in a statement the site says... they are committed to putting its members first, and being transparent about how they protect and use their data. people with disabilities will no longer get special treatment when going on rides at walt disney world. earlier this spring news spread that rich families took advantage of the theme park's policy by hiring a disabled person to escort them throughout disney world... that way they could skip the long lines for rides. rich manhattan moms said that's "how the one- percent does disney." now because those guests abused the system, disney will no longer
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usher disabled people to the front of the lines. a spooky statistic for retailers... the national retail federation says americans will spend less on halloween this year. the survey shows that people who celebrate the holiday are expected to spend 75 dollars on costumes, decorations and candy. that's down from the approximately 80 bucks the average american spent last year. still... the survey shows more than seven in ten halloween participants will hand out candy, which will bring in more than two billion dollars in sales. if you're looking to make some extra holiday cash... walmart is hiring seasonal workers right now. the world's largest retailer said that it is bringing on 55- thousand workers to handle the christmas rush this year, up from 50- thousand last year. with more than four-thousand locations across the country, that averages out to about 13 more workers per store. this news comes as another major retailer.. target says they're actually hiring fewer holiday workers this year.... with plans to
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hire about 70- thousand employees... down from 88- thousand last year. a south carolina man is officially waking up a millionaire this morning. he claimed his huge prize from last week's monster powerball jackpot. lottery officials say the man opted to remain anonymous. no word on whether he chose the one- time payout of 223-million dollars... or the 29-year plan. he bought the ticket at a gas station in lexington. the man told officials he went there to buy hot dog buns for his wife... while he didn't find the buns, he decided to buy 20-dollars worth of powerball tickets. coming up on the early edition... it's a shutdown
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... showdown. what will happen if the federal government comes to a screeching halt. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ((ad lib ((bump in)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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coming up... the special teams player who ran into jacoby jones... is no longer with the ravens. who the team
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signed to replace bredyn trawick. the threat of a government shutdown... is becoming a real possibility. the services that will stop if it comes to pass... and the few that would keep going. ((break 2)) [ female announcer ] breyers. together making moments. ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another ♪ come on, people, now ♪ smile on your brother
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if you believe the hype, the federal government could come to a screaching halt in october. we asked our national correspondent kristine frazao to take a look at the realities of a shutdown - what services must continue and what services will stop. for many in washington, the waiting is the hardest part... as many wonder if congress will reach a compromise by september 30th. when the government shut down the last time in the mid 1990's, veteran's services were not cut but some were cut back - a concerning prospect (cutaway of russell) for military veteran russell myers, who now represents the american legion. russell myers department adjutant, american legion "any time you're
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talking about a govt benefit - a mandatory spending, the people that depend on it...anytime it doesn't come it affects their lives." other people lives would be affected as well with those considered non-essential facing furlough. while social security payments would come, new claims may not be processed, and payments could be delayed. national parks and museums would be closed and housing and student loan applications would not be processed. lara brown is the program director at george washington university's graduate school of political management. she says who stays and who stays home has already been determined -by the office of management and budget. lara brown political management program director, gwu "we go through this to a certain extent when we have snow days n washington, d.c. non essential employees are not required to show up to their work. most of these kinds of decisions have already been written into law. the technical term is "those necessary for the protection of life and property" food inspections,bord
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er patrol national security and air traffic control would remain. as would u-s postal services and most veterans services. stand-up frazao "so as you can see the term shut down only applies to some aspects of government. for others it's more of a slow down. the bottom line is what's unfolding now is really setting the stage for a much larger debate over the debt ceiling, and whether members of congress will allow for the country to default on its debt brown says the prospect of it is a reminder of the major lesson that lawmakers still havent learned " the public likes them most when they hear about them least." in washington kf reporting coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... more on this morning's breaking news... out of northeast baltimore the police chase that lead up to a deadly crash. manny machado suffers a heartbreaking injury. the tests that are being done today... to determine just how bad it is. ((break 3))
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you could win a prize from fox45. every week we'll choose 12 finalists for you to vote on. here's one of our finalists... you can go to our facebook page and click on the "inside fox45" tab to vote for your favorite photo. one person a week will win a 25-dollar gift card from poor boys. go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore to get started and read the official rules. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... many people are frustrated with apple's new i-o-7 software... and we have the video to prove it. what about the
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operating system... brought one child to tears.
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cant believe he put himself in that situation thats quite interesting ravens player jacoby jones... is recovering from an off-field injury. his altercation with a stripper. and... a healthier french fry? what makes them a lower calorie option. tuesday, september 24
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we are following breaking news out of northeast baltimore. three people are dead and another is in critical condition after a car crash at york road and northern parkway. megan gilliland is live on the scene with the latest. in: officers were in the area out: collided with another vehicle another vehicle


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